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Tattoo Removal | First Laser Tattoo Removal Session

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WIFH Laser Tattoo Removal
Alpha likes the idea of tattoos, but the only drawback is that they last too long (... and by too long, Alpha means forever). Aaron Marino of alpha m. wanted a tattoo at 17 years old and got a tattoo he was sure he was going to love forever-- the moon. It's small and he rarely thinks of it except when he's in the gym.

Like Alpha, there are a lot of you out there that have tattoos that you less than love. Tattoos are part of the image equation, and so Alpha is taking you along for his tattoo removal at WIFH.  Alpha asks many poignant and informative questions about the laser tattoo removal process with Dr. Jay Kulkin:

  • The treatment time and pain are explained as well as if the tattoo is treated all at once or not.
  • The doctor instructs how the laser works and what type of results expected.
  • Laser tattoo removal is a process and there's no quick-fix.
  • WIFH price on average is $120 per session (buy 3, get one complimentary) but location prices may vary.


Alpha proceeds into the removal process. The tattoo is entered into the computer system for before & after observations. First the area is cooled. Then the laser is used with one pulse to start. After the first test, the laser is used across the tattoo. The *frosting* will last about 20 minutes. An ice pack is provided. The procedure was 'no problem', according to Alpha.

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