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Tani Underwear for Men Review

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Website:Tani- Most Comfortable Men's Underwear
Underwear Blog: Tani: Resourcing the World's Finest Fabrics
Alpha admits that he's said some pretty dumb things in his videos back in the 280p days. He regrets them and wishes for a do-over. One cringe-worthy statement was that all underwear is the same. He has since seen the light. And most recently, he has had his reality rocked by Tani, a new line of premium men's underwear.

Tani is new to the US but not to China. Reviews go nuts over the fabric so Alpha ordered a few pairs. He ordered three pairs and reenacts when they actually arrived. The best way to explain the experience was like, "Yo, what have I been doing my whole life!?!?" There is a purity to the design- simplicity. But what really makes them is the fabric. It's the softest fabric and is luxurious.

He took the underwear to his hair salon for feedback. These underwear, however, are not for everyone. You get what you pay for, running $45. This is coming from a guy that didn't even want to pay $3 for underwear a few years ago! These underwear will become your favorite!

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