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Sunglasses for Men | History, Protection, Styles

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If you would have told Sam Foster in 1928 that his little novelty would revolutionize the way that humans saw the world, he probably would have laughed. And if you would have told him that his invention would we a worldwide style staple, he would have told you to shut the hell up. And if you told him that his goofy trinket would protect people from cancer and wrinkles, he probably would have said he should have charged more! Aaron Marino of alpha m. discusses the fashionable and protective accessory that we can own- sunglasses.

Eskimos rocked shades long before Sam Foster's mass produced sunglasses. Around 1940s is when sunglasses became a mainstream style staple. Now 99% of us own sunglasses. Some use sunglasses to look cool; some use sunglasses for protection. You need to look for the CE mark / stamp (inside of the temples) to make sure the sunglasses have appropriate UVA / UVB protection.

Take your sunglasses off when you go inside! But there are a few occasions to wear sunglasses inside: if you are blind, have pink eye, are covering a black eye, or playing poker.

So what style do you need? It's based on the function or purpose of the sunglasses. There are companies that specialize in sports sunglasses which Alpha discusses. Sports sunglasses are functional and fashionable. Another alternative are the fashion sunglasses, which there are thousands! Common styles:

  • Wayfarer
  • Aviator
  • Zyle plastic
  • Polarized lenses
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