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Summer Essential | No Show Socks

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No show socks are a summer essential when wearing anything from fashion sneakers to the suited sockless look. Aaron Marino of alpha m. discusses the drawbacks of not wearing any socks: (1) not comfortable: not wearing socks with leather dress shoes can seriously injure your feet. (2) moisture: your feet sweat in the summer and if you aren't wearing socks, nothing absorbs the moisture. (3) odor: your shoes are going to smell like stinky cheese without socks.

As style conscious and resourceful men, no-show socks are the answer. There are a few options which Alpha discusses:

  • a little covering from toes to heel- not enough sock as the upper top part of your foot is exposed
  • more substantial covering - Alpha shares the look of his and talks about how to wear. You can find them at any department store but Alpha got his at Journeys (5 pack for $9.95).


No show socks are a summer essential to avoid bloody, sweaty, and stinky dogs. No show socks are a simple solution to look like you're not wearing socks.

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