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Suitsupply Suit Review

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Suitsupply is a hot new company, and they rock pretty hard. Aaron Marino of alpha m. absolutely loves Suitsupply for many reasons: super sexy stores, great associates, amazing clothing, and fantastic suits. But what he doesn't love is that he requested to do an on-location review or a sponsorship, and they said 'no'. Regardless, Alpha is doing a review of a few Suitsupply suits that he owns.

Alpha discusses the company (they are a European company) including locations. The suits are fantastic and are the best bang for your buck. They offer value in style and detail. Average price is $550. For what you get, the value is super solid. The fits range from contemporary to classic, 12 total. They also sell casual clothes.

Suitsupply Fits by Alpha

The fits range from contemporary (modern) to classically inspired, 12 total styles and fits. Contemporary is slimmer, and the classic is still slimmer than department stores but a bit more forgiving than contemporary. The follows are fits that Alpha has worn and owns:

  • He is wearing the Napoli suit / fit which is the most classic that they offer. Lightly padded shoulder for more structure and super 110 wool. He had the jacket taken in the waist. He notes the sleeves aren't super tight (average arm holes) and flat front pants. It's not as high end as the next suits. He models the suit.
  • Next up is the Lazio suit / fit which is classic. Lightly padded shoulder for a strong structure appearance. He had the vest tailored. He models the suit and discusses the 'kissing buttons' (each of the buttons touches which shows a higher degree of finesse in the tailoring process).
  • The Sienna suit / fit follows which is a classic cut as well. A soft shoulder (very little padding) gives a natural look and feel. He had the jacket tailored, and he is not wild about the shoulder and the dimple that appears. He likes a more structured shoulder.
  • Last is the Washington suit / fit which is masculine with peak lapels and structured shoulders. It is great for a muscular physique because it's structured and broad up top. This fit is Alpha's favorite. If you are thin or small framed, the suit will swallow you up. On a side note, it has three buttons (called two and 1/2 button).
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