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Inexpensive Suit Options | Bargain and Budget Shopping

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Alpha's at the mall, meeting Victor, to go shopping for a suit. Victor has a budget of $200 and is looking for a medium gray suit.

Aaron Marino of alpha m. recommends K&G Fashion Superstore for finding incredible suit-separate deals. He also says that JCPenney now has stylish options for men's suits (J. Ferrar brand particularly) at wallet-friendly prices. Alpha advised Victor bring the shoes he'll be wearing with the suit. Victor says the goal for the suit is the prom.

Alpha added that a tux rental is approximately $100 so if he purchases a suit instead, he'll have it for years to come for other occasions. They scored a three-piece suit with alterations for $220.00. The suit is crazy versatile, which he can also use for his photography business.

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