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Suit Options | Off The Rack, Made To Measure, Bespoke

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It's that time! You are about to invest your hard earned money into a suit. Before you lay down your hard earned cash, you do some research. You find the terms off the rack, made to measure, and bespoke. Aaron Marino of alpha m. covers each term.

It's all about the fit. Find a tailor and use him. He can make an inexpensive suit look more high end and more tailored. It can only happen if you get it modified and altered. Suits are great, but having one that fits is even better!

Off the Rack

This term is the most common. You will get measured and find a suit closest to your measurements. You will buy it off of the rack, thus the name. Manufacturers are making a ton of suits off of size templates. Each manufacturer have different fit sizes. One of the benefits is the price is less than expensive because they're made through templates. The downsize is that our body shapes aren't cookie cutter so most of the time off the rack will require tailoring. If you don't get the tailoring, the illusion and silhouette won't be what you're looking for. Alpha demonstrates what needs to be tailored with $50.

Made to Measure

Companies like Modern Tailor use specific body measurements. The suit is made for you through a pattern that most closely represents your body, and modifications are made from there. The upside is that it's less pricey than custom but a little more than off the rack. You have a ton of various options for customization too. The downside is that the customization may not be exactly what you wanted.


These custom suits are made from tailor measurements. The suit is one-of-a-kind. It fits you and is specific to your desires and tastes. The upside is that it won't need modifications, it will be perfect, and it's specific for you. The downside is that this is the most expensive option, reaching up into the thousands of dollars. There is a huge market for it but Alpha doesn't wear suits enough to warrant a custom suit.


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