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Men's Hats Are Back!

Up until the 1960’s, men’s hats were a part of everyman’s wardrobe, and were as essential as the shoes on his feet and the shirt on his back. Rarely was a man seen outside of his home without this important accessory adorning the top of his head. The hat was held in such high regard, it was often considered more of a status symbol than a functional piece of outerwear. There was an art to the way a man wore his hat, and men of all ages and social standing treasured this simple, yet invaluable accessory.

To this day, hats are symbolic of past eras and famous people. The classic fedora that Humphrey Bogart and Frank Sinatra sported bring to mind many icons we associate with hats, like Indiana Jones, whose renowned fedora sits in the Smithsonian. The derby will be forever linked to the comedy stars Laurel and Hardy, who not only wore their hats throughout their entire career, but included their hats as part of their comedic routine. Many past and present day musicians regard hats as part of their identity, much the way they do their instruments, and won’t be on stage without them. There have been numerous styles over the years that have played an important role in our culture and history, some of which are still with us and some forgotten; many just worn less frequently or replaced by newer styles - but none are gone forever.

So, is hat wearing a thing of the past? Is the once mandatory fashion accessory something we attach to old men, grandfathers and English Gentlemen? You might think so, but I’m beginning to see a comeback. The fashion trend is now including more hats as the finishing touch to many outfits. Although we’ve become more casual in our attire, the assortment of hats available today is huge, and continues to include some of the classics; ranging from the Homburg to skull caps. They’re being worn with tuxedos and suits, khakis and jeans, overcoats and t-shirts. Today, there’s a hat for every outfit and every occasion!

There really aren’t too many of us who don’t own at least one hat, but now a day, most men have limited their hat collection to baseball caps and knitted winter hats. I appreciate both styles, and haven’t forgotten the practical aspect of hats and our need for them. Besides making a fashion statement, they’re also very functional. They keep our heads both warm and cool, conceal a bad hair day or haircut, keep the sun out of our eyes, and hide a receding hairline or baldness. But, there’s just so much more we can be doing with hats than using them the way we typically do.

I’m encouraging you to expand your horizons and add a hat or two to your wardrobe arsenal. It will not only add diversity to your outfits, but will set you apart from the others - giving a message of individuality, style and confidence. Hats are classy and can add an air of sophistication to your image!


Here are some of the more popular styles being worn today – any of which would be a great choice to wear. Naturally, not every hat goes with every outfit, so be sure to choose the appropriate hat to compliment your attire.



Hat Etiquette

There’s more to wearing a hat than just placing it on your head. Hat etiquette is something you should practice whether you’re donning a dressy fedora, a casual ball cap, or a working cowboy hat. Often misunderstood and ignored, hat etiquette will add to your sense of style and manners; completing your classy image.

Here are some tips:

  • Promptly remove your hat upon entering someone’s home or restaurant, and never wear a hat while at the dinner table or during a meal.
  • Remove your hat when entering a Christian church.
  • Always remove your hat during the national anthem and place it over your heart. Remove hats for the passing of the flag, a funeral procession, outdoor weddings and photographs.
  • Touch the brim of your hat gently when greeting a friend or meeting someone new.
  • Tip the hat slightly off your forehead when meeting a woman in public, and take it off if you stop to talk.
  • Removed hats are held in your hand in such a way that only the outside and never the lining is visible.

Shop around and choose hats you like, and that will also suit your life style. It may take a little courage at first to wear one, but once you do, you’ll be hooked!

by Aaron Marino

Pete and Pedro

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