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StyleCon is DEAD!

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The MENfluential Conference 2018 | Grab Your Tickets While They Last!
Alpha comes to you with a heavy heart. In this video men's style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro announces that StyleCon is DEAD.  Before he tells you why, he wants to tell  you about StyleCon 2017.

StyleCon 2017

It was spectacular. and the way it has evolved is mind-blowing. It's on a deep level and powerful, almost spiritual. The connections are incredible - people with similar values, lifestyles, and goals. One of the comments attendees made is that the conference is not like any other they've been to. Everyone is engaged and thankful to connect. There were fathers & sons, people from all different countries... and Alpha cried a bunch due to the kindness. He ended up emotionally energized and pumped-up by the end. For two days, it was nothing but positivity, encouragement, and energy with fellow entrepreneurs.

A many people stated that the conference would be centered around style. The conference is actually further from that. One panel out of twenty presented style. Day one is business focus (entrepreneurship, marketing, growing an online business), and day two is personal development. People wanted to know why it's called StyleCon.

The MENfluential Conference 2018

StyleCon is officially DEAD.  It's now the MENfluential Conference. It's about influential men and ties into Aaron's advertising agency (MENfluential Media) with Terry Adelman and Antonio Centeno where they represent influencers and vloggers. The 2018 conference tickets are on-sale now at a discount for February 23 & 24 2018.

Pete and Pedro

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