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Smile Style Life Hack | You Can Thank Me Later ;)

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Alpha has lost his damn mind! But if you ever find yourself in a pinch, you're going to remember this video-- and he expects a 'thank you' email!

So, you get something stuck in your teeth after a rack of ribs ... or maybe chicken or beef or something else. If at home, you grab your dental floss. Alpha also carries some with him when he's out. But what do you do if you're out-and-about without dental floss? Ask could someone around you! But sometimes, you're S.O.L.!

Then you think of using a loose thread on your shirt. If you find a loose thread on your shirt, it's a mistake!

  1. The thread usually breaks before you get the stuff out of your teeth.
  2. Now you have thread stuck in your teeth too!
  3. By pulling threads from your shirt, you risk ruining your shirt.


What's the answer in that flossless situation? Your sock! Alpha is serious as a heart attack!

  1. Sit down in your car or bathroom stall
  2. Take off your shoe
  3. Take off your sock
  4. Turn your sock inside out, get a piece of nylon, and take it out
  5. Grip tightly and floss
  6. Make sure that no one is watching!
  7. Pull sock to retract the thread back into the sock
  8. Put sock
  9. Shoe back on
  10. SMILE! All the crap is out of your teeth!


Is there no way you are going to use your sock to floss your teeth? Well, next time the chips are down (you got something stuck in your teeth and there's no floss in sight) and you remember this video, you will floss your teeth and then send a 'thank you' email to Alpha!

Pete and Pedro

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