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Style Rules Are Made to Be Broken

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Aaron Marino of alpha m. has been inspired from an observation resulting from viewer emails asking about various style rules" "Can I wear black and brown together?" "Do my belt and shoes need to match?" "Can I wear white after Labor Day?" "Can I wear boots with a suit?" Alpha says YES! Style rules are meant to be broken.

We embrace individuality currently. If you've thought about it, someone else has probably done it. It's kind of tough to 'screw up' these days. Don't be so concerned and worried. If you think it looks good, try it! Alpha gives an example of when he thought an outfit was 'crazy, outside of the box" (light brown shoes with black suit). It's now one of the looks he loves the most. It all comes down to trail and error.

Trends come and go. Everything that was in style will come back in style again. Alpha gives examples about ties, pants, and jeans. If anyone says it's 'wrong', there is no right or wrong! It's personal opinion and subjective! The only opinion that matters most days is yours. Style rules are meant to be broken.

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