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Style Life Hack Every Man Should Know | Google Images

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Do you own a specific item of clothing that has you *style stumped*? The item sits in your closet because you have no idea how to wear it. Or perhaps you always wear the item with the same thing every single time. Aaron Marino of alpha m. presents a style hack that will help you to creatively pair and wear your signature items.

Alpha received an email from a viewer who bought a killer pair of red chinos. In order to give the viewer recommendations, he typed in "red pants men" into Google Images. He found 100s of different ways to wear red pants. This is such a style hack!

Specifically search for your style issue such as "tan corduroy boots" and check it out! Alpha finds some of the coolest outfits when he does this such as with "mens ascots" or "sport coats and shorts".

When we get in ruts and can't think out of a style rut, go to Google. It's amazing! You can find style statements. Simple, effective, and a style hack- use Google Images when you need help pairing that signature piece that you own.

Pete and Pedro

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