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6 STUPID Style {Rules} YOU Need to BREAK

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Alpha has learned some things the hard way: there's a razor thin line between fitted and too tight. Also, some style rules are stupid! Style rules are there to protect guys from looking like a fool, but as a result, guys get freaked-out about stepping out of the standard box. In this video men's style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaMAaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro is discussing six stupid style rules you have to break.
  1. Not wearing black and brown together -- it looks dynamite together and works!
  2. Metals need to match - Alpha has been in the matching metal camp, but he realizes that this is a flawed way of thinking! Why would watches have two tones - do you think they'd be doing it if it didn't work? It works!
  3. Socks need to match pants -- Alpha says that unless you're in a super rigid business environment or you're around a bunch of 'rich white dudes', you can experiment and change it up. Have socks that scream you have personality! Be playful and set yourself apart.
  4. Shoes and belt must match -- Alpha says that when it comes to leather (leather shoes and dress leather belt), they should match. It's not always 'required' for you to wear a leather belt. Alpha says it's better, sometimes, if you don't! Fabric adds spiciness to your outfit. Anson Belt and Buckle made Alpha lose his mind the first time he tried them on at StyleCon. After he tried it, his life was changed. He hasn't worn another belt since then. The belts are hole-less-- it's a track system with micro-adjustments. They also come one-size-fits-all-- You put it around you, measure, cut, and reattach the buckle.
  5. You shouldn't dress better than your boss -- WHAT!? Of course you should! Why not step up your game! Stylistically crush him!
  6. Not wearing denim jackets with jeans -- you can absolutely wear them together BUT there needs to be a contrast with types of denim.
Pete and Pedro

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