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6 Stupid {Hair Myths} You Probably Believe

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As many of you, back in 2013 Alpha started Pete and Pedro. From day 1, he has helped men pick out their product by sending a picture of their hair and current product they're using to [email protected] Through the emails, he's realized that men are still beliving many stupid hair myths. In this video men's style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro dispels some of these common myths.

Men's Hair Myths Dispelled!

  1. Dandruff is caused by a dry scalp -- it's not dry scalp. It needs to be treated.
  2. You need to shampoo every day to be clean - over shampooing strips natural oils and makes your hair dryer. Skip a day between and use a water soluble product like Pete and Pedro.
  3. To know if you're going to go bald, look at your mother's father -- nope, father's side has a genetic component too. Also look at DHT levels which is a common cause of hair loss (not baseball hats!). If you are experiencing hair loss, go to the dermatologist for hair loss treatments.
  4. Thinking all hair loss treatments are total B.S. - some treatments are real like Rogaine and Propecia.
  5. Plucking a gray hair will make 3 grow back - when the pigment producing cells stop producing pigment, your hair will turn gray. But plucking doesn't affect cells in other follicles. If you smoke, you have 4x more likely to go prematurely gray and experience hair loss.
  6. Hair product(s) cause hair loss - on average, we lose 100 hairs per day. This doesn't mean that you're balding, however. The product quality does matter (alcohol can make your hair dry and brittle).
Pete and Pedro

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