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Aaron Has a Stalker! | 5 Tips to Protect Yourself from {Crazy People}

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The world is full of crazy people. Within the last 12 months he's had his identity stolen, his bank account hacked, and been cyber-stalked by three people! In this video men's style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaMAaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro  says it's an unfortunate reality that people want to cheat, rob, steal from you... and worse, possibly hurt you. This stuff is real.

Here's How Alpha's Protected Himself - and You Can Too!

1. Freeze your credit at all three credit reporting bureaus. What caused Alpha to take this step? His identity was stolen, and the thief opened a Verizon account with it. He uses a monitoring service (ie: Life Lock) as well, which notifies the company and subsequently you if anyone tries to use your social security number.

2. Install video surveillance. Alpha's had three stalkers recently. He has since gotten a badass surveillance system installed by Lorex. They have a new nocturnal system which Alpha is installing in his new home. Once he moves, he'll video it. But in this video he displays all the components of the Lorex system including the 4K color night vision (which blows away the grainy standard version), cameras that are durable in extreme heat and cold, recording device that also enables viewing from your phone, and a motion sensor. The Lorex system is cutting edge and gives users  peace-of-mind. Alpha especially likes the recording feature as stalkers are scary! In his home and office, Alpha feels safer with surveillance.

3. Use a security system. Alpha's earliest childhood memory is of his home getting robbed. It was robbed 4 times due to being in a bad neighborhood. He was also robbed in college too. These experience makes you feel vulnerable and violated.

4. Refrain from posting real time information where you are.

5. Change bank settings so credentials can only be changed in-person. Disable the ability to change personal information by phone or online. Alpha's bank information was changed by a would-be thief who was stopped in the nick-of-time. Luckily, Alpha just happened to arrive a the bank prior to the theft and was able to stop it.

Pete and Pedro

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