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How to STOP Being the {NICE GUY}! |10 Alpha Male Transformation Tips

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There's an old saying, "If you act like pu$$y, you're going to get [email protected]#ked", which Alpha learned this life lesson the hard way. In this video men's style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaMAaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro  says that he was in an abusive family situation twice. He kept his mouth shut and took it, becoming the 'nice guy'. He became a push-over and didn't stand up for himself. Here's how he changed and starting kicking life's ass.

Don't be the nice guy! Grab yourself by the testicles and STOP!

1. Stop trying to fix everything and apologizing for things that weren't his fault so people wouldn't be mad at him and like him more.

2. Treat yourself to a piece of badass item of clothing whether a leather jacket, suit, power tie, double monks

3. Stop over-analyzing and over-thinking - do what you want not what  you think

4. Get a fresh hair cut - the little things make you feel incredible

5. Stop trying to hide your flaws and over-compensate - there's nothing wrong with who you are and embrace it

6. Smell like an alpha - use a body wash to smell a little bit more masculine like Dollar Shave Club's that is sexy, woodsy, masculine, and simply incredible.

7. Stop having expectations about how people should react and respond to your 'nice' actions. If you are truly doing something nice, it should come from the kindness of your heart.

8. Start working out - it's ultimately the #1 thing that has developed Alpha's confidence.

9. Stop being a push-over, saying 'yes' to every request, and allowing people to treat you badly. The fact is there are some people who just won't like you.

10. Decide what you want out of life (relationship, job career, type of success). Then go out there and take it.

Pete and Pedro

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