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The Alpha M Story | How to Start an Image Consulting Business

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Aaron Marino of alpha m. Image Consulting is an image consultant, and he receives a lot of emails from guys who want to know what he does for a living and how they can do what he does.

Perhaps someone has asked you for your opinion about a hair style or you took someone shopping to pick out new clothes. You are an image consultant like Alpha but he gets paid thousands to do it.

Alpha tells the story about how he became an image consultant. When Alpha was working in the fitness industry, Alpha was asked by his buddy, Steve, for help getting ready for a date. His date was successful, and Steve told others at work about the experience with Alpha. A month later, he got a phone call asking how much he charged to take someone shopping! Cha-ching! A light bulb went off. He realized he could make a business out of this.

He researched what was available for regular guys, and there wasn't much out there. He ended up selling his fitness business and tried his hand at image consulting. He realized that he didn't need schooling or certification. Anyone who says a certification is necessary is lying. He self taught himself by reading about men's style and men's clothing, studying tailors, researching, talking to hair stylists, shopping, and more! When launching his business, he put together a website and advertised with Google AdWords.

He made more in month one than he did with his fitness business. The best part about Alpha's job was that moment after a session when the client sees himself in the mirror. It's intoxicating to see someone when they realize for the 1st time that look and feel good. Alpha realized he's selling confidence and making guys feel great about themselves. Fast forward to today, Alpha has worked with thousands of men from all over the world. It feels good to help others and affect change, and as a result, he wants to help other people start businesses like his.

Alpha has created this video series training program for those who want to start an image consulting business. The program walks participants through the steps of starting an image consulting business with Alpha's tips and tricks. He emphasizes that have to put in the time, energy, and grit to be successful. Like wedding planners, image consultants don't need an degree or certification. If someone pays you for your opinion, you're a consultant. Alpha is a business man first and an image consultant second, and his training program follows this philosophy.

The program consists of 45 videos, resource links, and tutorials. Alpha helps you avoid pitfalls and mistakes like he did early on. Image consulting is an amazing career with so much opportunity. The world is super competitive and men need every advantage- image consultants help men achieve just that. Alpha has priced the program affordable and low at $97 for you to get the best bang for your buck.


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