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Sideburn Blending Tutorial Plus Beard Grooming Bonus

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Norelco Grooming Tool QT4050
Alpha gets a bunch of emails from guys with facial hair grooming tools that don't know how to use it properly to craft and perfect their designer stubble. Aaron of Marino of alpha m. pays tribute to George Michael then teaches you the best method for blending sideburns.

First, the best tool is the Norelco. Next, you have to master the grooming tool. The numbers on the Norelco allow you to adjust millimeter by millimeter, giving crazy control. Find your facial hair sweet-spot. Alpha's is 2 millimeters. To determine, start long. Go over. Doesn't cut? Go over again until you will find the length that you like and what works for you. Learning the millimeters is the key to being the master! Clip on attachments won't do this. With the Norelco, you can't go wrong. You can use it on the rest of your body except as hair clippers.

Blend Your Sideburns and Tailor

Go over your mustache; all over your face. Along your jaw, you might want to go a few directions. Go to the bottom of your ear, both sides. One of things that drives Alpha's nuts is long patches. Try to get everything. Once you're there, you have your base of facial hair groomed.

Now you need to start to taper. Increase by 2 millimeters. Hold your face and taper out. If you want it tighter, drop it 1. It will be beautifully blended. Do the other side. Pull it out and feather it without going straight up. Watch what Alpha's hand does: it feathers which creates the seamless blend. Pop of your attachment and create your boundaries. Get the neck. Up on the cheek, it's drawing a line from your ear down to your mouth. Come in and clean it up.

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