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Shaving Lifehack | Give EVOO a Go!

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Olive oil has been shown to found to fight heart disease, reduce blood pressure, fight the onset of obesity, and help arthritis. Aaron Marino of alpha m. says olive oil also makes an incredible shave oil!  It's a natural lubricant for shaving.

Shave oils are super hot right now, but they are expensive. Alpha read, however, that olive oil makes a fantastic shave oil. Today, he's testing it. He puts a little in his hand and massages into his whiskers. With his razor, he gives it a shot.

One of the benefits of shave oils is that you can see what you're doing. You also don't get a lot of clogging in the razor. When shaving with olive oil, there is no pulling or tugging like other shave oils. It smells like olive oil but it works! You don't want to use mineral oils (like baby oil) because it's a totally different animal. Olive oil is less thick, and it allows for better razor glide. Alpha's conclusion is that olive oil makes a wonderful shave oil that it totally natural.

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