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Shave Mob | Save a Ton of Money on Great Razors

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Shave Mob
Shaving sucks, and spending hundreds a year on replacement blades and cartridges makes it suck even more. After Alpha's last shaving video, Alpha totally appreciates the comments about the cost effectiveness of the safety razor. It's old-school, it's rugged, it's masculine. But this video is not about using the safety razor. It's about shavin' and savin' some cash when shaving. Aaron Marino of alpha m. starts by discussing shaving clubs.

Alpha received an email from a viewer, Sam, who recommended Shave Mob. Alpha checked them out, and he's glad that he did. It's not like the other subscription models. They are not selling memberships. They sell high quality razors at 50% less than Dollar Shave Club. They sell on order-by-order basis.

They offer 3 blade, 4 blade, and 6 blade. Alpha got all three to test. He displays his order. He starts with the 3 blade razor which is "like butter" and super comfortable. Next, he tries the 4 blade razor which is just as good. He feels like he loses a bit of control with an extra blade (a personal pet-peeve). The 6 blade razor goes right through his scruff, no problem.

The conclusion and verdict: no nicks, no pulling, no cuts. The blades are super solid. The product is great. The cost is better than you are going to find anywhere else. They are giving you and selling you the blades you want at a crazy price.

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