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10 SECRET Ways to Get a Girlfriend!

Alpha gets a TON of emails from dudes about relationships which range from 'I like this girl. She's amazing. What should I do?" -to- "I like this girl. She is amazing. We started talking, then suddenly she stopped returning my phone calls." -to- "I like this girl. She is amazing. We dated 6-months. I treated her like crap, and she broke up with me. I realize I love her, and I want her back."

In this video men's style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro  is presenting ways to get a girlfriends. These MUST be secret because many of you are doing some DUMB things that ruin your chance of scoring a sexy senorita.

How to Secure a Girlfriend

1. Don't be a douche

2. Stop playing games

3. Be around more girls by interacting in the real world

4. Be better at small talk and casual conversations

5. Slow your ass down - don't be overly eager or aggressive

6. Use Tiege Hanley - you'll feel better which translates to confidence and become more handsome & irresistible

7. Be a gentleman - most other dudes aren't!

8. Have your own life - don't get preoccupied and wrapped-up with her

9. Don't try to get a girlfriend who is unavailable

10. Be yourself - there's no one more amazing that you being you

For That Handsome Face of Yours!

Implement a solid skin care routine to look more irresistible! The Tiege Hanley system is that solid skin care routine for that handsome face of yours. Each Tiege Hanley system arrives with a guide that takes all the guesswork out. Tiege Hanley offers three levels. Level 1 features the basics: Wash (use 2xs a day), Scrub (exfoliating that removes dead skin cells 2xs per week), AM moisturizer (use every morning with SPF), and PM moisturizer (nutrients to rebuild). Level 2 adds Eye Cream, and Level 3 adds Serum. Take care of your face and score sexy senorita with this unbelievable deal! Tiege Hanley

Pete and Pedro

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