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Scarf Knot Tying Techniques | Four Ways to Wear Scarves

Nothing says 'elevated fall fashion' than a man who throws on a scarf and ties it in a funky and unique way. You can up the dimension and style of a cold winter outfit with a scarf. Aaron Marino of alpha m. presents four ways to tie / wear a scarf.

In order to perform any of these knots, you need a pretty long scarf (about 7 feet long). The first knot is the Slip Knot. Alpha demonstrates. The next is the Ascot, which Alpha displays. Third, the Fake Knot is reviewed. Last is the Tricky knot which not everyone knows how to tie!

Grab a scarf. It's a way to add character and dimension to your wardrobe. You will look fantastic while staying warm.

Pete and Pedro

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