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Neutrogena Ageless Intensives | Face and Eye Wrinkle Reducer

Neutrogena Ageless Intensives Anti-Wrinkle
Oh, crows feet! Oh, laugh lines! Wrinkles show your age. Aaron Marino of alpha m. has noticed deeper wrinkles around his eyes in the last year. He takes care of skin and recently found a new product.

Alpha discusses a Neutrogena Ageless Intensives Anti-Wrinkle product and gives a review. He's been using it for 3-days, and he feels his skin is tightening up. It also evens out the skin tone.

Disclaimer:    If you regularly receive facial waxing do not use this product.  The use of an active retinol product results in a disrupted stratum corneum during treatment. Facial waxing can cause trauma, damage, or tearing of the skin that may result in permanent scarring.

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