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Are Your Running Shoes Dead? | Worn Out Runner's Sneakers

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Running Without Injury
When should you retire your running shoes? They have a life expectancy. Aaron Marino of alpha m. says just because they're not dirty with holes doesn't mean they don't need to be retired.

Running shoes break-down after 300 - 500 miles. Alpha does the math!  If you run 20 miles per week, how long are your shoes going to last? 20 weeks! If you run 40 miles per week, 10 weeks is the mark that they start to break-down.

Distance (mileage) isn't the only factor regarding the break-down of your running shoes. Where you're running also makes a difference (treadmill versus gravel or pavement). Also, the material of the shoes (quality) also makes a difference (Saucony is Alpha's choice).

If you run on old shoes, you can start to feel things going on with your body such as Alpha did with plantar fasciitis. If you develop foot issues, it's a tough road. Take care of your feet!

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