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Does She Like Me? | Dating Advice

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Alpha has a great question from IAmAlphaM viewer, Fernando, about a relationship quandary. Aaron Marino of alpha m. gives some relationship advice after reviewing the question which includes the fact that Fernando gets lots of compliments and hints from a girl. He doesn't know if she likes him or not, even with these compliments and hints.

Alpha says that if she's giving compliments, this woman is wild about you! She is giving every signal-- she might as well have flares blazing! Now is your time! It's time to assume that she indeed fancies you. Now is your day! If you pussy-foot around and are wishy-washy, she is not going to like that and you have dropped the ball.

You Wear A Modern Tailor Shirt or Suite, You Won't Need To Ask If She Likes You... You'll KNOW!

Pete and Pedro

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