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Rejection Only Stings for a Second BUT Regret Lasts a Lifetime!

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Alpha got an email that excites him! The viewer (Noah) writes about a girl who he likes and wants to take to the spring semi-formal. He is too intimated to ask her because his best friend says that he doesn't have a chance. What? His best friend should have Noah's back! Anyway, Noah finishes by saying he doesn't want to face rejection.

Before advice to Noah, Aaron Marino of alpha m. addresses the term cock-block. It refers to your friends or associates preventing you from succeeding with your goal, namely getting approaching to, talking to, getting a number from, getting a date, and getting a kiss from from a girl. Are they your *friends*? That's open to interpretation.

Typically, Alpha stays away from giving advice, but he shot Noah an email. Alpha said nothing ever happens because it's easy. Rejection only stings for a second, but regret lasts for a life time. The greatest rewards and triumphs are from taking risks and the road less traveled. And in the end, the reward is sweeter. In regard to rejection, the worst she can say is 'no' and you'll get over it. Regret, however, can linger for a lifetime. Don't live with what could have been. You may fail or get rejected but that's okay. That's what life is about. Success with come, and it will be sweet.

So what happened with Noah? Two weeks after the initial email, Noah emails Alpha saying that he walked up to her (dressed stylishly) and got a date for the dance. He gives Alpha all of the credit. But the credit is all Noah's because he had a courage, bravery, and confidence to do this. Remember: rejection only stings for a second, but regret lasts for a life time.

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