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Hair Makeover | Receding Hairline Style Option

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Virtual Grooming
The other day, Daniel ordered a Virtual Grooming from the Aaron Marino Shop. Daniel's hairstyle was a bit on a longer side. Aaron Marino of alpha m. realized that he was trying to hide a receding hairline by growing it longer and combing it forward. Daniel is scared of the whole buzzing option. Two options are available for receding hairlines (1) camouflage (2) buzz super short. There is a baby step in between that you may actually love, however.

Daniel has a perfectly symmetrical head (oval) and has facial hair (scrub). Alpha decided to go with a shorter hair style that blends with the beard. It balances out the face a bit and causes the eye to gravitate toward his eyes rather than his hair line. Alpha takes two styles and smashes them together. The result looks amazing with his hair not combed forward. His girlfriend said he looks sexy, and he also feels free not having to worry about his hair covering areas. Sometimes baby steps work out for the best.

Pete and Pedro

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