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How to Prevent, Eliminate, and Treat Jock Itch

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Alpha was attending West Virginia University in 1997, and he had to adjust his junk while walking to class. His testicles just weren't sitting 'right'. He took his seat in class, and it starts again. This time, it starts to burn. After class, he was waddling home like a cowboy just coming off of a two day trail ride! His scrotum was on fire. He had no idea what was going on! Red, burning, inflammation! He finally went to see the doctor after a couple of days. The doctor reports he has jock itch. He assumed his was misdiagnosed but followed his treatment. He started to feel better! So today, Aaron Marino of alpha m. is talking about jock itch.

Symptoms and Treatment

Jock itch is closely related to ringworm- a fungal infection of the outer layer of the skin. Fungus like dark, hot, and damp. Symptoms are itching, burning, and redness of the scrotum, inner / upper thigh, and in between your butt cheeks. Treatment is simple with OTC anti-fungal creams and powders. You'll feel better quickly. If you're not better after 2 weeks, see a doctor.


When at the gym and taking a shower, wear rubber flip flops. Then step on a towel barefoot, put on your socks, and then put on your underpants. The socks prevent you from dragging the fungus up your legs to your groin. Both athlete's foot and jock itch are prevented.

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