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P&P Putty Demonstration | Men's Hair Style

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Pete and Pedro Putty
Using high hold, low shine P&P Putty, Alpha demonstrates how to obtain his hair style. Aaron Marino of alpha m. first makes a part and brushes hair into place.

The product is applied in a small amount. The key to get good coverage is using dry hands. When it's evenly distributed, work into hair. Then blow your hair dry in the direction its parted and styled. Lastly, shape hair in place with hands.


P&P Putty provides a firm, yet flexible and generally masculine hold on your hair. Infused with lanolin, beeswax, cobra venom (okay, not technically an ingredient but that would be the only way to make this product better), and a blend of polymers that create a lock-locking matte finish and unparalleled hair control and hold.

How It Holds: high hold, low shine, mucho macho!

How It Smells: if you combined the smell of a cool ocean breeze and added a pinch of puppy breath, while sitting in your new car that is filled with money and fresh laundry, that would be close to the intoxicating aroma of P&P Putty.

How to Use: technically you don’t use P&P Putty- IT uses your hair to showcase its ability to transform your normal hair into something more fitted for the Greek God Buenos Hairos.

Pete and Pedro

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