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POST Shark Tank Update | What Happened for Pete & Pedro and Alpha M.?

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Shark Tank | Season Finale Episode 29
Pete and Pedro | 20% cart with POSTTANK20
It's been a week since the airing of Shark Tank season finale. In this video men's style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaMAaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro presents a recap of his pitch and what has happened since Shark Tank.

The Pitch

In regard to his pitch, Alpha said he 'killed it' and he couldn't ask for anything better. He said that the editors were 'kind' to him. He said he's watched the episode over and over since it's like redemption.

He said that the Sharks didn't want anything to with P&P but were interested in him as an 'influencer'. He said that he didn't need the help with Alpha M.. He went into the Tank for P&P. So, partnering with Barbara (she's his favorite Shark, incredible, and amazing), but it didn't feel 'right'.

Deal or No Deal?

He respectfully said 'thanks but I'm going to pass' because of the viewers. He couldn't do it- it's about credibility. If someone's money or financial future is invested in him to do promotions, he need to be able to say 'no' as a YouTuber.

When Alpha gets a product that he thinks is cool and viewers will dig, he says he likes talking about it because it's fun and the viewer gets a great deal. But if the product sucks, he wants to say so. He adds that if someone's financial future is at stake and they have a vested interest in Alpha doing promotions, he loses his ability to say 'no'. As a YouTuber and content creator, that is not something for sale. He said that he respects the viewers; he respects himself; he respects that you respect him.

He didn't take the deal at the end of the day because he needed the help with Pete and Pedro. Actually, Pete and Pedro got a benefit with a spike in sales. If you want to try Pete and Pedro with the Post Shark Tank discount (POSTTANK20).

Top Life Experience

It was incredible and one of the top experiences of his life. Waiting for it to air was one of the hardest experiences. Before the show aired, he was nerve wracked. While watching it, a great celebration with closest friends ensued.

Barbara is a 'doll' and is 'amazing'. He thanks her for her offer. He is also thankful that she saw something in him. It meant a lot and still does. He also thanks Shark Tank for being an amazing & incredible show and experience.

You, The Viewer

Bottom line, you are not for sale-- Alpha couldn't do it. He had to pass. You are the reason he does this and why he is so happy! He is determined to remain credible with the ability to say 'no'. He's going to stay by himself and hope that you all still like his videos.
Pete and Pedro

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