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Polo Shirt Perfection | Business Casual Essential

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Banana Republic | Pick Your Polo
Alpha has been accused of not giving the Polo shirt enough respect, love, and attention. Aaron Marino of alpha m. explains that sometimes personal preference can sneak into his videos. A beautiful thing is that style is subjective and opinions can change. Further, Alpha knows that Polo shirts are essential with business casual.

The Polo shirt can be styled different ways, which Alpha explains. All Polos, however, were not created equally. Alpha is not wild about the pique cotton type. He is also not a fan of worn-out Polos with a stretched out and rough look. Some nice Polo style shirts are out there.

Alpha hit Banana Republic to find some. He has starting digging the clean, simple, sophisticated style of a Polo shirt. Banana Republic has the standard Polo as well as the Luxe collection. It's 100% cotton but has some magic added such as softness, stretch, shine, and an incredible feel. The Luxe doesn't perform like regular cotton.

Alpha recommends clean and simple Polos. They should fit you well in chest, arms, and shoulders without being tight in the mid-section. It should not be super baggy. Try sizing down. Alpha discusses his fit as well as the colors he purchased. Cost is around $44 but you can catch some sales.

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