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Updated Polo Shirts | Men's Golf and Tennis Shirts

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How many times has Alpha worn a Polo shirt or Polo inspired shirt in his videos? ZERO! He is not a Polo shirt wearing type guy. Aaron Marino of alpha m. is not totally against Polo shirts. Truth be told, Alpha thinks Polo is over-priced.

However, the Polo inspired shirt has gotten incredibly popular in the US. It's synonymous with business casual. One of the reason he's not a fan of these shirts is because they get stretched out including the collars. The shirts also don't fit all that well because they are cut like a big box.

Recently Banana Republic released Deluxe Touch Polo shirts: 100% cotton with an updated fit. They have lengthened the sleeves too. They also have vintage style that won't shrink as much, which also features the updated fit. Another option and a dressier version is a light-weight sweater. These are not your Daddy's Polo shirts.

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