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P&P Paste Styling Demonstration | Men's Hair Style

P&P Paste
Pete & Pedro is a new line of super awesome men's hairstyling products.  P&P will help you achieve bueno hair through our salon quality collection of styling products (Cream, Clay, Putty, Paste, Pomade).  Pete and Pedro is the civil union of salon quality men's hair styling products with a quirky personality guaranteed to give you bueno hair!

Aaron Marino from alpha m. and iamalpham teamed up with his stylist and buddy Stephen Posta to bring you this grooming gold! Short Hair, Long Hair, Medium Length Hair, Thin Hair, Fine Hair, Curly Hair... we have something for any and all men's hair styles and lengths.

P&P Paste is our most elegant, and dare I say, luxurious grooming offering. Argon & coconut oils help repair, moisturize, and add shine to all hair types. Finally, a texturizing cream that provides great hold without being stiff, greasy or flaky! Simply put, our paste is the best styling cream in the universe. We say this with 100% bias!

How It Holds: higher than medium (but slightly lower than high) with a semi-matte finish which means semi-not-matte. Confused? Don't be! P&P Paste offers incredible hold with just the right amount of shine. Perfecto, Amigo!

How It Smells: if a lemon went out to a bar, picked up an orange, and then they made sweet citrus love, the byproduct would be a light, citrusy essence layered with mild coconut to mellow the mood. Smells good enough to eat but don't because it probably taste nasty.

How to Use: open can, remove small amount with desired finger, place in palm and rub, baby, rub (the more you rub the stiffer the hold). Work into damp or dry hair, style, pose, and admire your bueno hair and your handsome face. Exit stage left!

Pete and Pedro

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