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The Perfect Summer Shirt | Most Versatile Men's Summer Shirt

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Aaron Marino of alpha m. repeats that the solid white button-up dress shirt is the most perfect shirt. It's a blank canvas that you can build from, so anything matches! It's clean, crisp, simple, timeless, and elegant.

Well, Alpha gets a ton of emails what shirt to wear in the summer or in hot climates, It's this one- the short sleeve white oxford! It's simple and versatile. Alpha discusses how he tailored his and how to style with shorts, jeans, and slacks. He also talks about variations and versions of this short sleeve white oxford.

The simpler the better, but pay attention to the material (and nipples showing). Size and fit are everything, and tailor to get a better fit for about $10. You can find great deals on discount racks.

Pete and Pedro

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