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3 Simple Pattern Matching Tips | How to Match Multiple Patterns

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Mixing and matching patterns is the goal of today's tutorial. When executed properly, an outfit is taken to the next level of awesomeness. But if done wrong, it looks awkward. Aaron Marino of alpha m. presents basic tips to keep in mind when matching multiple patterns.
  1. Limit pattern matching to two in an outfit. If you can handle two, limit yourself to three patterns.
  2. Patterns need to contrast in pattern size but the shape or pattern type doesn't matter. Alpha demonstrates. A common issue is pinstripe shirts and suits too close in pattern size.
  3. Patterns need to contrast in density. Alpha explains by equating to cities and land. Alpha's tie is New York, his shirt is Jersey City, and his jacket is the Poconos. If they were New York, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles, it would be train wreck!


Alpha provides examples and makes commentary about the outfits. They all stick to the three rules. As long as you stick to these three rules, you will never make a matching mistake.

Pete and Pedro

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