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Overcoming FEAR to Do Something {Amazing}!

Papa Alpha is at Pete & Pedro's headquarters, helping them out. In this video men's style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro  is letting him take the floor to discuss overcoming fear. His dad asked Alpha how he's overcome fear as he's built his companies.

When Your Fears Become Reality

Alpha was most scared about was not having the fitness centers succeed. The thought of the centers not working was the scariest. Lo & behold they failed, and they failed miserably. The rest that has resulted from that failure has been amazing. It was hard and took awhile, but something beautiful came from that failure. It took Alpha facing that fear and overcome it. He feels 'fortunate' that he failed. He kept pushing forward.

What happened in 2006 was the worst so what happened thereafter didn't seem as bad. What he 'doesn't know', he 'doesn't know'. He dumb lucked his way in this success: he never had a 5 year plan or a goal. At the point where he got a camera, he just tried to feel successful again. Fear may always be in the back of your head, but his biggest fear already happened.

He's managed to overcome fear and become success. He says his biggest fears are not trying certain things. As horrible failure may be in the moment, you need to pick yourself up and look for another opportunity. You have to move on.

Papa Alpha's Story

As far as Papa Alpha, he's done things that aren't mainstream. People surrounding him kept telling him to get a job and work. Papa Alpha said that he's always leaned toward creative things such as theater and performance. He thinks that he would get to a certain point and then stop, thinking there are people who are better and smarter. Then he'd try something different. He's trying things now that are different, with Alpha as his motivation.

Alpha says that the fitness center was something he focused on since 12-years old. So it was tunnel vision, and when it exploded, his universe opened again. He tries new things, but he doesn't stay with it too long. If you don't get continuous signs, don't get so hung up on one idea of success and step back realizing it's not working. Try different things. It's scarier for Alpha not to try different things, but his risk tolerance is lower since he's found success.

REFOCUSING | Keep Plugging Ahead

This year is about refocus for Alpha - such as the Fashion Anchor. He was making 6-figures, but it took time & energy, and he wasn't what he's passionate about it. He gave the business to his partner. The key is not doing things just for money - you have to be excited about it. You have to decide what makes you happy. If money were no issue, Alpha would still do this (filming videos and starting businesses). He knows what the other side looks like (when it's not going well), and it sucks pretty badly. You have to keep plugging ahead and trying your best.

Pete and Pedro

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