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New Warehouse -and- Starting a NEW Business {Top Secret!}

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P&P has officially moved their warehouse! In this video men's style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaMAaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro  explains why. Everything LOOKS the same (filling stations, packing tables, product, offices, bathrooms, massive warehouse, box storage) except  they added an auxiliary room. A big racking system has been installed, and P&P pallets are stored in the warehouse - they are light on inventory because of the move. Alpha installed an AC unit too.


Alpha for the past 6-months has been working on a new business venture. He's excited but nervous. He thinks it's going to be 'pretty big'. This opportunity is exciting because he's getting into another business with his best friends (Terry & Bryan) and another gentleman (Marcus). It's a business not just for men, which is new for Alpha.

This new warehouse space is to also accommodate this new business. The new product needs to be climate controlled, thus the new AC unit. The problem is that this AC unit can't be taken if they move - so he bit the bullet, expanding now to be able to have the AC unit. The new racking is also for the new product, and a new employee has been hired. The new website has also been designed. Alpha says it's in the grooming space and reiterates that it's going to be big.

P&P New Products Coming!

Brushes and combs are coming! Also, a new P&P shaving line is coming as well as body wash and a dandruff shampoo. The dandruff shampoo contains coal tar but with better ingredients, color, and smell. It works a million times better than H&S. But the dandruff has to be approved by the FDA so it will take longer to launch.  Also, two body washes are in development. Stay posted!

Pete and Pedro

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