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Joe Needs A New Hairstyle... Badly! | Virtual Grooming Before and After

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Hair Cut & Style Consultation with Aaron
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One of the questions Alpha gets all the time is how often they should be getting their hair cleaned up and trimmed. Alpha goes in every 10 days because he likes it nice-and-tight. In this video men's style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro talks about how often to have your hair cleaned-up.

Alpha recommends going in every 3 weeks to have the hair around the ears clean / edged and neck tightened up to look polished. Joe is needing a hair cut. He has a lot of hair with an oval facial shape. He resembles a mushroom with his current hair (long and undefined hair with no hair product). Joe consulted with Aaron about a new hair cut and style.

They decided on a shorter style that is angled. They used a picture reference which Joe took to a stylist. Joe also went with Pete and Pedro Putty that is high hold and low shine that is incredibly versitle. You can use the P&P Putty with short / long hair,  soften it with heat, or create a stiffer look with wet hair. Joe has a new cut and looks like a million bucks! A new man all by changing his hair style.


Be aware of your facial shape. If your face shape is round or round / oval, you need a hair style with more angular. If you have an angular face, you can go with something softer. It comes down to contrast. They shouldn't be the same. Joe now needs to have his cut every 3 weeks to prevent the sides from becoming puffy or fuzzy. A hair style can make a drastic difference.

Pete and Pedro

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