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Should a Navy Suit Be Next? | 2nd Most Versatile Suit Color

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Over the years, Alpha has been vocal about the most versitle suit color. Charcoal gray is his pick! He goes over all occasions and what it matches it: weddings, funerals, meetings, work functions, night on the town, all seasons, all colors, and more! If Alpha could pick one suit, he'd pick the charcoal gray suit with notched lapel, two button, and double vented. Timeless, simple, classic!

Aaron Marino of alpha m. says that it's an investment to own one well tailored suit. You have everything covered with this suit. However, if you want to invest in a second suit. What color is the most versitle? Navy is next!

The solid navy suit works for all four seasons and all events. He would pair black or brown shoes. Alpha goes personally with brown. The suit's options should be like gray - you want it to work now as well as 5 - 10 years from now. Alpha goes through an analysis about trends and basic styles.

After you have those two suits (basics), you can play around. Also remember that a wardrobe is built. Build from a foundation of timeless classics so it's versitle, timeless, and classics. It will transition through seasons and trends.

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