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Let's Talk About Monk Strap Shoes

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Unless you're new here, you know that Alpha has a serious weakness for the monk strap shoe. They have been surging in popularity, but they aren't anything new. For timeless, stylish, and classic, stick with single or double monk. Aaron Marino of alpha m. is presenting how and what to wear with monk straps.

Seven Reasons to Consider the Monk

  1. Super comfortable
  2. No laces, no mess!
  3. They look amazing when paired with jeans.
  4. They look dynamite with suit.
  5. They're eye catching.
  6. Your friends aren't all wearing them.
  7. They are STYLISH!


What You Need to Know

They come in different levels of dressiness. Also, you have a plain toe, cap toe, and wing tip. Go online to to search them online. You will find a much better selection than in-store, and you can try them on with free returns. Alpha presents monk strap inspired looks, demonstrating that you can combine these with pretty much everything.


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