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Men's Wallets

If there's one accessory most men have and use everyday, it's a wallet. Men have been toting wallets, in one form or another, since before God. Seriously, wallets are documented in literature as far back as Greek mythology when Perseus beheaded Medusa.

Wallets haven't always been called wallets, but men carrying a portable container that holds their most necessary and immediate belongings has been going on for thousands of years. Fortunately, these larger, bag type containers evolved into today's men's wallet and not a purse or a handbag. Not that anything's wrong with carrying a man bag, but it's good to know that's an option and not our only choice.

Today's wallets and billfolds can be found in various materials and styles. Casual to formal; wallets come in a vast assortment of styles to complement any outfit and occasion. Men from past generations, like my grandfathers and yours, had limited fabrics to chose from: leather or leather. But, now, with so many types to choose from, there is something for everyone... which allows us to base our choice on personal preference and personality. Wallet choice is often based on lifestyle needs and practicalities, and are so distinguishable, we often identify someone as a certain "type", simply based on his wallet.

I think it's safe to say most guys have an intimate relationship with their wallet. We carry them with us everywhere we go, and depend on them to hold and safe keep some of our most prized and valuable possessions. To say they contain our identity is putting it mildly, since everything from drivers licenses to credit cards and I.D.s to cash are kept managed in one compact, pocket fitting utensil. "Wallet" is synonymous with "existence". Don't think so? Try losing one!

Here are some of today's most popular wallets along with their descriptions and functions :

Bifold Wallets are used by more men than any other style. They fold in half, which allows them to fit easily into a pocket. The Billfold, another name for the Bifold, offers a variety of features from credit card slots, picture or ID windows, slip pockets, money clips, and even change pockets, in addition to the standard bill compartment. Bifolds, typically carried in the rear pocket of a pair of pants, also come in a front pocket variety whose compact shape and dimensions make carrying it in a front pocket comfortable and possible. This style is often seen with an attached money clip on one side.

Trifold Wallets fold twice, which keeps the inside contents more secure; making them an ideal travel wallet. These wallets can become thick and bulky if they're jam packed, which makes fitting them into pants pockets challenging; not to mention they can distort the clean, smooth silhouette of the caboose. Still, the Trifold is a very popular wallet that typically offers the same features the Bifold does, with the possible exception of a change pocket.

Coat Wallets are the perfect choice for anyone wearing a suit, especially businessmen who wear suits everyday. This is typically a more formal, sophisticated style, that fits nicely into the inside pocket of a suit jacket, eliminating the protrusion of a pants wallet. In addition to the various features, many brands offer a pen and writing tablet, which this larger size wallet can accommodate. One of its' best features is the length and style that allows money to lie flat and not be folded.

Checkbook Cover Wallet is basically the same type wallet as the Coat Wallet, but has a place to attach a checkbook. If you still write checks and want to carry them with you, this is your best choice.

Card Holders are perfect for the guy who only carries credit cards and ID, or who takes his business cards along with him. Thin, sleek, and small; this wallet fits into places other wallets can't. Some styles are open-ended, giving quick assess to cards, while others fold. Want to trim down the bulk? This is a smart option.

Money and Card Clips are a simple, no-frills way of carrying money or cards without the bulk of a wallet. Clips keep money and cards secure in a pocket, which is safer than carrying them loose. Metal clips are most commonly used, but leather covered magnetic clips are a popular choice, too.

The majority of wallets used today are still made of leather; however, nylon, canvas, cotton, denim and hemp are other very popular options that are both fashionable and practical. These wallets also come with many features and can be found in the same styles mentioned above. Many of these non-leather varieties offer Velcro closures, which is a big plus, especially for the active guy.

There are countless varieties of wallet styles and features that offer options to suit everyone's needs. We tend to own only one wallet that gets used until it's worn out. That's old thinking. Go ahead and own several! Multiples enable us to add variety and diversity to our wardrobe, and just may be the ultimate fashion detail.

by Aaron Marino

Pete and Pedro

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