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Dude! You Look Like a DORK! | 5 Tips to Always Look Awesome & Stylish

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The goal of this channel is to assist you in your journey of awesome. Finding your personal style is part of this journey, and sometimes this road is treacherous with successes and failures. It happens to all of us- like when Alpha was on Shark Tank the 1st time. In this video men's style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro wants you to acknowledge, identify, and change these dorky mistakes.
  1. Get honest with yourself - Don't stick with trends too long. Alpha talks about how he hung onto boot cut jeans too long.
  2. Get help - get a friend to help you with shopping, hire an image consultant, or use a men's box service such as the Fashion Stork. Alpha's been using the Fashion Stork service for about 2 years and loves their new and inspiring options & items (as well as their capitalism with a cause). Like Alpha, you will have a stylist build you a box. The items all coordinate and work together. The box is $75, and if you have an item you don't love, you can return.
  3. Dress your age
  4. Size down - the smaller size can look tailored as opposed to the larger option
  5. Perform 'closet cleansings' with a 'support staff'- cleaning out your closet is the most beneficial to staying current & stylish and for having items that look amazing on you. Have a friend, family member, or spouse to help you go through your wardrobe with you. Try on items with them and get their input. Also, look at pictures to help make decisions.
Pete and Pedro

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