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Men's Style Staple | The White Cotton Pocket Square

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The Tie Bar | Solid White Cotton
How to Fold a Pocket Square | 5 Easy Folds
Simple, subtle, and sexy! The white cotton pocket square is a versatile accessory that every fashion forward and conscious man should own. It puts the finishing touch on a suit jacket or sport coat. It dots the style 'i' and crosses the fashionable 't'. Aaron Marino of alpha m. discusses his charcoal gray suit and how adding a little detail like the white cotton pocket square takes average and elevates it to awesome.

As previously discussed, the white button-up dress shirt is timeless and classic.The white cotton pocket square is its equivalent. It matches any suit of any color, during any season. Cotton is superior to silk, in Alpha's opinion, because it's matte finish, it's easy to fold, and it stays in place.

In regard to the fold, a puffy wacky crazy mess in a pocket looks out-of-whack. The outfit is messed out because of the fold. Use the Straight Fold and keep it simple and presidential. The fold is straight across, and Alpha covers how it works. Notice that the pocket is angled, so the pocket square should also angle respectively. If you want a pocket square with attitude, you can get a white cotton pocket square with colorful edging (band). You can match with your tie's color or your socks.

If you are shopping anywhere other than The Tie Bar, you are paying too much! Pocket squares run $8 and ties run $15. It's an amazing website for accessories! Alpha is not affiliated with them. He just loves their products and their prices.

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