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5 Men's Shoe Must Haves | Shoes Every Guy Should Own

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The Look for Less Series | Allen Edmond 'Strand' Cap Toe Oxfords
Aaron Marino of alpha m. asks some true and false questions. How did you do with his Pop Quiz? So, yes, it's true that people notice your shoes, by choosing the right shoe the average outfit is elevated to excellence, an amazing outfit can be a style liability with the wrong shoes, and shoes are AWESOME!

Men's Shoe Must Haves

With these shoes you'll always have the right shoe for outfit or situation you find yourself in.

  1. Simple black dress shoe - you can wear with jeans, slacks, chinos, and more if a matte finish.
  2. Brown dress shoe - super sexy 2nd cousin of the simple black dress shoe. Adds richness and dimension to your outfit. Get a different style than your black dress shoe and keep it fresh.
  3. Boots - chukka, dessert, or snub nose Frye
  4. Leather casual shoe - Cole Haan lace up and driving moc are examples. You can wear casually during the week or dress up shorts. Comfortable, versatile, and you don't have to worry about it getting beat up.
  5. Fashion sneaker - you don't go running in this or go to the gym. You kick around town while looking fresh and fly. You can step up your game but not like you're looking sneakers.
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