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The Pea Coat | Men's Cold Weather Essential

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Aaron Marino of alpha m. picks fall and winter months are the best seasons for men's fashion. You get to break out the great jackets such as the pea coat. Alpha discusses the pea coat's original function first.

The traditional pea coat is made of heavy wool, is double breasted with two rows of nautical inspired buttons, features a super sexy collar, and has vertical splash pockets. He displays an example of the past.  Presently the pea coats are less heavy with various colors and patterns.

The most versatile is dark gray as it works with everything from black and dark brown. It also camouflages pet hair better. You will need a lint roller nevertheless. The pea coat can be worn totally casual but can also be worn with business casual.

The standard pea coat covers your crotch (top 1/3 of thigh) and butt. There are pea coat inspired that are mid-thigh (top coat) or shorter (cropped jacket). If you are heavier, go with the longer pea coat option. Also, size down when purchasing a pea coat.

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