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All Day Hair Hold Styling Trick | Men's Hairstyle Advice

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Pete and Pedro GELous
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Alpha has unlocked the holy grail of 'hold and volume'. Do you suffer by hair flop in the middle of the day? The longer the hair or the hotter the day, the faster it happens regardless the high hold product. Some guys apply multiple products. but it still falls. The hair gets heavier. Aaron Marino of alpha m. notes all of the YouTube guys with beautiful hair and says he's figured it out!

Alpha worked on a new product formula just for this! The new Pete and Pedro product, GELous, is the perfect 'gel-paste hybrid'. It won't dry your hair but has crazy hold. He's played around with it even though he's not a 'gel type of guy'. He tried it as a pre-styling agent, and it worked like a charm!

Let's rock! After a shower, towel dry then use a dab of GELous. Work all through the hair. Comb into place and grab the hair dryer to break it up for lift and incredible hold. Come in with a little Pete and Pedro Putty to style, break-up, and manage. Alpha's hair doesn't look wet or crunchy like typical gel. It's touchable and soft. Give it a try with the discount code PEDRO10.

Pete and Pedro

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