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Covering Men's Gray Hair | To Color or Not to Color?

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Coloring Men's Hair | Covering Gray Hair
Quite often, Aaron Marino of alpha m. gets asks about men's gray hair and coloring it. Pretty much all women color their hair from the time they start turning gray. Think about all the ladies you know- none of them have gray hair! Alpha discusses men who look cool with gray hair such as Nick Wooster.

Whether you color your gray or not, it comes down to confidence. Going gray can be unnerving for some guys. For some guys, they roll with it- they feel it goes along with the aging process. But those who want to cover your gray hair, options are out there.

If you are 50% / 50% , don't go full pepper. Some products add pepper for a more natural look. Adding pepper back and make a guy look younger. Taking the edge off and toning down the gray is all that it takes for some to feel better and look younger. If you are self conscious about it, do something about it.

If you are a guy who likes his gray, don't do anything with it. It's all about confidence. If you embrace the gray, go with it, rock it ,and love it. It's distinguished and amazingly sexy. Chicks dig dudes with salt & pepper hair!

To color and cover? It's up to you.

Pete and Pedro

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