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Hair Removal Option | Thin, Tweeze, and Shape Eyebrows

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A week has passed since Aaron Marino of alpha m. groomed his eyebrows, and if he doesn't do something soon, he'll look like Bert.

In regard to men grooming their eyebrows, there's a fine line between being groomed and looking like a chick. Generally, less is more. You want to look like a cleaner version by keeping the overall integrity and shape of your brows. Supplies needed: comb, high quality tweezers, small sharp scissors, and a mirror. Men's eyebrow grooming steps are as follows:

  1. Determine where your eyebrows should start
  2. Pluck the hair in between with high quality tweezers
  3. Determine where your eyebrows should end
  4. Remove excess hairs
  5. Figure out the arch and then remove stray hairs from underneath the brow (leave the upper part of your eyebrow alone)
  6. Thin and trim your eyebrows by using your comb and small very sharp scissors
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