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6 {Cool} Clothing Hacks EVERY Guy Should Know to {Always} Look AWESOME

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Who wants to always look super fresh? We all do, but on a daily basis, things can happen to kill your game. In this video men's style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro says that he's going over style hacks to always assure you're looking fresh.


Hacks to Prevent Daily Life from Killing Your Game

  1. Black shirt with deodorant stains - use a 'used' dryer sheet to remove
  2. Pant crease marks - add paper towel cardboard to hangers for a natural hang
  3. Shoulder nipples - fold & hang sweaters & LS shirts (see Alpha's demonstration)
  4. Wrinkled shirt - buy wrinkle resistant clothing
  5. Shoe laces coming untied - Alpha demonstrates how to make a change to assure your shoes stay tied where the bow lays across the shoe rather than vertically. Plus when you walk, it tightens.
  6. Hoodie strings when they come out - use a straw and thread the end of the hoodie string. Then, tape to secure and thread the straw through the opening and around the hood.


Twillory | SAFE Wrinkle Free Clothing

Twillory has been featured all over the place! The main thing that Alpha loves is that they have a wrinkle resistant fabric that is safe. Typically wrinkle free clothing is made with formaldehyde which is gross and unhealthy. Twillory developed safe cotton technology -- and the shirts are much softer than other non-wrinkled. Alpha loves the fit (they're not simply S, M, L sizing.), fabric, and buttons too. These shirts don't wrinkle after living all day.

Pete and Pedro

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