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Super Cool Men's Boot Brand | Wolverine

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Wolverine 1000 Mile Vintage Boots & Shoes
When Alpha says the word 'wolverine', what pops in your head? Alpha thinks of an American boot company that sells some super, bad-ass boots. Aaron Marino of alpha m. loves rugged, masculine boots! The issue is finding that perfect boot that blends masculinity and edginess. Wolverine does just that!

The 1000 Mile Collection puts the 'oo' in boots! The more you wear them, the better they look. They are ruggedly sexy, looking great with anything you pair them with (except for a suit, of course). They are quality and durable; therefore, the cost is high at $400 per pair. It's a value because you'll get years out of this thing. You're getting like 2,000 wears! You're buying smart and quality- it's going to last you.

They also sell a great Chelsea boot. Additionally, the 1883 collection steps even further outside of their box with desert boots, chukkas, and more!

Pete and Pedro

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